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Holmen Consulting

Aligning Technology with Business

Holmen Consulting partner with businesses to provide scalable enterprise solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our solutions are delivered through a team of experienced, result – driven resources.

Giving a Presentation


We collaborate with you to discuss your project requirements and solutions.

Image by Jo Szczepanska


We assist you in defining and managing the tasks and timelines for your project.

Implementation Planning


We provide both functional and technical resources to aid you in implementing your solutions.

Financial Reports


We also provide alternate financial engineering solutions to aid you bring your ideas to life.


"I worked with consultants @ Holmen Consulting for several years in ERP implementation consulting.
They have significant expertise in ERP software packages, and a high level of motivation and self-initiatives.

I would not hesitate to hire Holmen Consultants again at any time, should a future opportunity arise."

— Kathy Wulfken, Practice Leader - Whittman-Hart Inc


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8 - 10 Broad Street, Lagos Nigeria


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