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About Our Business

Who We Are

We are a tightly focused professional services organization
We deliver insightful, creative and results-driven business and technology solutions to companies that desire added value and productivity

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What We Believe

Excellence in customer satisfaction

  • Provide superior customer service

  • Customer feedback solicited on every assignment or project, with managerial follow-up

  • Team and individual accountability

Focus on building strong customer relationships

  • Earn customer trust through credibility and integrity

  • Involvement at all levels and areas of our organization

  • ​Results driven through teamwork and collaboration

  • Work toward common goals

  • Share knowledge and best practices

  • Foster open and honest communication


Commitment to employee personal and professional growth

  • Company commitment to providing opportunities and tools for personal and professional growth

  • Individual commitment for taking action

Excellence in management and leadership​

  • Accountability for results

  • Accountability to those supervised

Organizational Focus

Target Market

  • Companies or Institutions in Transition”

  • Fast growing Entities or Large Corporate Groups.

  • Start Ups

Operating Model​​

  • Market/Customer-focused model (vs. a matrix or “corporate top-down” model)

  • Management, sales and delivery aligned at a local/market level

  • Privately held

Core Offering​​

  • Professional Services solutions

  • Primarily leveraging skills in IT Infrastructure, Middleware, Cloud migration, Restructuring, Operations Review, Best Business Practices, CyberSecurity and Core Banking Planning and Enterprise Resource Applications.

Better Customer Focus

  • Business decisions made closest to the market/customer

  • Offerings locally tailored to specific customer needs

Improved Management Focus

  • Delivering first class professional service to Clients

  • Less bureaucracy  promotes faster decisions

  • Independence ensures objectiveness

Meet Our Team

Get to Know Us


Managing Partner

Dele Fasuyi

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Dr Niyi Odunlami

Partner: Core Business Systems

Yemi Keri

Partner: Business Transformation and Program Management.

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